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Eyes are the miracle creation of God. The beauty of a woman’s eyes is captivating. Eye makeup only enhances that existing beauty. Every woman once in a lifetime fancies having attractive eye makeup. Eye makeup has the capacity to instantly glam up your looks, which helps to provide focus on your face. Confused about which eye makeup look to go for?  Choosing the perfect Eye makeup style, might be tricky. So make sure it matches with the event, eye shape, undertones, and lens colour.

For someone, who does not know how to apply eye makeup professionally, doing so at home feel like quite a tough job. Applying eye shadow in the wrong way can make up eyes look smaller, droopy and ugly.  But if you follow correct eye makeup ideas and eye makeup step by step. Then you can easily recreate all attractive eye makeup looks.

 Gold and black Metallic Halo Eye makeup:

Halo eye makeup has taken the fashion industry by storm. This popping eye makeup style is the spotlight at most of the red carpet looks of Hollywood celebrities. The metallic gold creates an illusion of bigger eyes in the black combination. A heavy coat of mascara, as well as dense false eyelashes, also add the volume to this eye-popping look.

Follow the steps to create this eye makeup:-

  1. To create a smooth base, applying an eye primer in the upper lid is necessary
  2. Apply a dark brown colour eye shadow in the crease and corner of the eyes. Blend it well extending up to the upper crease.
  3. With another brush apply the black eye shadow in the two third portion of the eyes.
  4. Blend the black colour well with a fluffy brush up to the crease. This creates a bigger eyelid effect.
  5. Apply a concealer at the center of the lid and let it dry.
  6. Then with the help of your finger apply the metallic gold eyeshadow in the middle to make the eyes pop.
  7. To create a natural transition, make sure to blend the edges where the black meets the gold eyeshadow. any coat
  8. Apply a generous layer of kohl in the lower as well as an upper eyelid.
  9. Wear false eyelashes or apply a generous amount of mascara.

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