Happi’s saloon serves their clients with best hair cutting styles. Happi’s saloon provides modern hair cutting styles according to fashion.

1:Start with washed hair.

The hair should be clean and damp when cutting. After the hair is washed, towel dry it to remove excess water, and then comb out any knots.


  • Comb from the ends, and work your way up to the root to work out knots. This will prevent damage to the hair and will put less strain on the scalp.
  • You should always use a comb for detangling. Don’t use a brush.

2:Sit in proper lighting.

For a quality haircut, you will need to be in a well lit area. The girl who is getting the haircut needs to be sitting down straight, preferably in a chair high enough so the stylist does not need to lean down.

3:Comb the hair.

The hair should be combed straight back first, and then parted in the place it normally is. If the hair is worn with a middle part, do that. If the hair has a side part on the left or right side, do that. The hair will typically fall where it is trained to be.


  • Check behind the ears for snarled or stuck hair. All of the hair needs to be combed straight down for a proper cut

4:Use sharp scissors.

The ideal scissors to use would be stylist scissors specifically designed for hair cuts. Dull scissors will not cut the hairs cleanly, and they might create split ends. Additionally, dull scissors will bend or push the hair down before making a cut, resulting in a hairline that looks uneven.

5:Start cutting in the back at the center.

 This will serve as your guide as you make your way towards the sides and front. You will use the back piece as a reference as you are cutting around the sides to keep the trim even.

  • Pull up the back section of hair, and bring the ends through your forefinger and middle finger. You should have about 1/2 inch to two inches sticking out from your fingers. Cut straight across. For a softer look, you can trim up into the hair, holding the scissors at a 45 degree angle.
  • The amount of hair you cut depends on how far up the damage goes, but typically it will be about 1/2 inch to two inches. Start by cutting less, and then go back to cut more if desired.
  • Have the person lean their head forward slightly when cutting the back to help you perform a more even trim.

6:Trim the sides.

  • Work your way from your guide piece to the side. When cutting the hair that lays on the shoulder, have the person slightly lean their head to the opposite side. This will bring the hair up to help you cut more evenly.

7:Cut the opposite side.

 Once you make it to the front of one side, go back to your guide piece in the back, and begin cutting the opposite side. Have the person lean their head to the opposite side you are cutting, and be sure to reference the guide piece the entire time.

8:Check the length on both sides.

Once you are finished, come to the front, and bring the hair from both sides between your fingers. Pull them down and flat, and look to see if they are the same length. If one side or piece is longer, go ahead and trim it appropriately.

  • If you’re cutting their hair in front of a mirror, it’s easier to check the evenness by standing behind the person and looking at their reflection in the mirror.

9:Finish the cut with a blow dry.

Remember, as the hair dries, it will slightly shorten. If you notice any uneven pieces after the hair is dry, dampen the area, and even it out with scissors.