Happi’s hair and beauty saloon in Ilford serves their clients with best nail art services.Happi’s saloon use quality products of nail art that make your hands more beautiful and attractive.

I hate when nail clients have stiff hands! It’s the worst! To do a good manicure you need to make sure all areas and angles of the nail are covered and if your hands are stiff or rigid that definitely limits my ability to do that.It may feel nice to soak your hands in warm water before your mani but the water actually bloats the nail, causing it to soften and expand. After the manicure, your nails will eventually shrink back down which causes the bond and adhesion of the polish to be compromised, leading to chipping and peeling polish. Too many times I’ve had clients come in with nails they’ve just clipped themselves and often they’re uneven or, worse, too short. It’s not just unsightly, it can also lead to pain and infection if you cut them down to the quick. Part of my job is to trim and shape your nails.

One of the best indications that you’ll get a good manicure is a nail technician that is experienced and confident in what they are doing.

Lots of fancy nail art pictures on Instagram are done using special techniques, products, and tools. I can probably do it but plan on at least an hour. And if you’re requesting something special, like air brushing, it’s best to call and ask in advance to make sure we offer that.

One element I consider for the color and style of someone’s manicure is the overall appearance of their hands. For older looking hands, I often stick with a neutral color, with a short round shape, as not to bring additional attention to the age of the hands.

People are often surprised when a color they pick doesn’t look good on their hands or clashes with their skin tone. But if you don’t look good in a yellow shirt, you probably won’t like the way yellow nail polish looks on you either.

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