Happi’s hair and beauty saloon in Ilford serves their clients with best waxing services. Happi’s saloon use quality products for waxing that don’t harm your skin.


A sanitary environment is key to ensure that clients are going to experience the best post-wax results. Proper sanitation and sterilization is important during every treatment, but especially important when it comes to waxing. The infection rate and susceptibility to disease at the time of waxing is much higher because the follicles are open — and yes, it is very possible to contract anything from a minor infection to a serious disease. In 2009, two New Jersey women were hospitalized for infection related to unsafe Brazilian waxing, leading the state of New Jersey to consider implementing a ban on the service altogether. It is important for aestheticians to know the complications that can arise from poor sanitation. It will be a constant reminder of why waxing rooms must be kept sanitized.

First Time Waxing Clients

For some, waxing can be an uncomfortable experience – but it does not have to be! Turn a waxing service into a relaxing spa experience. When we are doing a short treatment, such a facial wax,we perform a quick shiatsu massage on the face utilizing calming essential oils. Teach them to take deep breathes – the more tense they become, the more difficult the waxing experience. If we are performing a longer service, such as a leg wax, we make sure that the client is comfortably situated and allow them to influence the atmosphere, such as selecting the music. This example allows them to listen to what they like while you perform the treatment. We even offer them a quick and easy, hydrating sheet mask to enjoy during their treatment. This is an easy way to provide instant soothing, cooling, and moisturizing effects that will help to drive home the spa experience. It is also important that sections of the client’s body are covered with modesty towels when you are not working on them. Depending on the temperature of the room, you may want to turn your bed warmer on and provide blankets for your client. These are the little touches that can set your wax treatments apart from competitors.

Choosing a Wax

Some waxes can be more painful than others, and this is certainly something that our clients will be taking into consideration.Does the wax remove the hair shaft with the hair root? Clients do not want to see hair re-growth within the same week as their service. If our wax is not removing the hair root, then the next stage of hair growth will surface, appearing to our client as regrowth. Removing the root is also important as it will help prevent the formation of ingrown hairs.
When irritation, redness or swelling  comes to waxing, many of us are so focused on the removal of the hair that we forget about what is left behind – the skin. Clients are coming in for waxing appointments and leaving hair free, but they are also leaving with newfound redness, bumps, irritation, and swelling. Some of the side effects of waxing can be even more unsightly than a few stray hairs. As aestheticians, it is important that we pay special attention to the skin in areas that are being waxed to make sure that your clients leave feeling smooth, comfortable, and sexy.

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